Pentapack is a Leader in Unit Dose Packaging Systems

about-banner Our blister machines package solid and liquid medications

At Pentapack, our expertise makes your job easier and patients’ medications safer.

Pentapack leads the pack in thoughtfully engineered unit dose blister machines with advanced technology and flexible features.

We specialize in working with hospitals and healthcare systems to provide smart, secure unit dose blister packaging for medications in oral solids and liquids, vials and small syringes.

How does Pentapack help you?

  • Our HP500 Series is specifically designed for daily hospital use and features the only unit dose machine that can package both solid and liquid medications.
  • We clearly identify medications with barcode labeling software for secure distribution and a low margin of error.
  • Our technology also features software for label printing to better distinguish medications.
  • In addition to individual blister packs, our machines are capable of producing blister strips. We offer films and foils to protect our medication blisters from UV, moisture and other environmental factors.
  • Our machines are designed for low- and high-volume product runs.